The last Town of Parry Sound council meeting included a listing of Town Staff’s objectives for 2017. There isn’t too much controversial or concerning in the list. It is however an interesting exercise to review the list to get an idea of what’s on the top of mind for Council and Staff. These objectives are reviewed quarterly with updates included in one of the regular council meting packages.

To make it easier to keep track of these documents I will be hosting a list of relevant Town of Parry Sound documents, along with links. My plan at this stage is to have three types of links for each document. The first is a link to the document at the Town of Parry Sound website if it is available (not all are available with direct links and some are often found only in the Town of Parry Sound council agenda packages). The second link will be to a copy hosted at this site. The third is a copy hosted at this site that I have marked up. This third link may be of interest to those who want to get a quick idea of the issues that I feel are worth noting. Not all three types of links may be available for a document: there may not be a direct link available to the Town’s website, or I may not have marked up a document. In almost all cases there will be a link to the document hosted here at Parry Sounds.

Let me know if there are additional documents you think should be included in the list.

Here is a link to the page on this site that hosts this growing list or reports.