The recently issued Town of Parry Sound 2017 Key Objectives document presented and approved at a recent council meeting contained a couple of items that I thought were notable. In particular I noted the objective of having the Town gain control over the approval of Official Plan Amendments. At present the Town needs to get approval from the Province for these changes. As I have written earlier (Item 9.3.1) I don’t think this is a good idea. If Council can choose to make changes to the Official Plan against the stated opinions of the town’s residents and businesses we are likely to see some unpleasant surprises. At a recent Council meeting it was mentioned that this objective was previously approved by Council as part of the Official Business Plan. I have since tracked down a copy of that document.

The document is part of Resolution 2016-77 that was approved as part of the 2016-04-19 meeting of Parry Sound council (Item 9.6.1). Links to this open agenda document can be found hosted here on Parry It’s worth taking a look at what the Business Stimulus Team has planned for Parry Sound. It explains a number of the initiatives listed in the 2017 Key Objectives document and the 2017 Budget. The original agenda package version includes the attachments not found in the approved by-law that was sent to me.

I have highlighted areas of interest, to me at least, in an annotated version of the approved by-law. Take the time to at least look over one of the documents and see if there is anything you are supportive of, or are concerned about. In either case, contact a member of Council and let them know what you think. Without input from the public they will do what they think is in the best interests of the community.