It’s a very, very light agenda this week. The points of interest include:

  • Formation of the Belvedere Avenue Parking Ad-Hoc Committee (1.2).
  • Goal Plan Update (4.1).
  • 2016 Annual Investment Report (5.1)
  • Wasauksing Bridge Restriction (6.1)
  • Claw Back Percentages (5.1)

Depending on the weather I’ll either be at the meeting or out on a trail. It’s that time of the year where you had better have a good reason to attend a council meeting. Getting paid to attend qualifies as a good enough reason.


4.1 – Harry Kleinhuis, Rosseau resident. Concerns about the lack of sidewalks on Pine Drive. Response provided was that the property is private.

4.3/8.1 – Susan Hrycyna, ED, Parry Sound Downtown Business Association. Re: Request to add a member to the Board of Directors for the DBA


5.1 – Vanessa Backman, Parry Sound Tourism. Update on Parry Sound Tourism for 2017

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.2 – Belvedere Avenue Parking Ad-Hoc Committee. Resolution. That Council approve the Belvedere Avenue Parking Ad-hoc Committee Terms of Reference, attached as Schedule “A”, and further; That Council appoint the following members to sit on the committee:

  1. Marsha Rivers, CEO, Belvedere Heights Home for the Aged
    2. Mario Buszynski, Board Member, Belvedere Heights Home for the Aged
  2. Kathleen McGill, Home owner, Belvedere Avenue
  3. John Patterson, Home owner, Belvedere Avenue
  4. Representative, DSSAB
  5. Representative, DSAAB

9.2.1 – Council Approved Sign Application – Georgian Bay Airways – Bay St. Resolution. That pursuant to section 3.(4) of the Sign By-law, the Chief Building Official is authorized to issue a permit for a sign on the Bay Street road allowance pursuant to the following conditions and variances:
a) The appearance of the sign shall be substantially according to the application,
b) The location of the sign shall be to the satisfaction of the Chief Building Official,
c) The Town reserves the right to remove or relocate the sign on occasion should the lands be required for municipal purposes,
d) A permit may be issued pursuant to this resolution, for the summer of 2018, 2019, and 2020 upon payment of a fee of $50 per season,
e) The 2017 permit pursuant to this resolution shall expire on October 31, and
f) All other regulations in the sign by-law continue to apply except for those revised by this resolution.

9.2.2 – Permit minor variances within two years of a zoning by-law amendment. Resolution. That in accordance with Section 45 (1.4) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, minor variance applications are permitted before the second anniversary of the day of a zoning by-law amendment.

9.4.1 – Goal Plan Update – 2nd Quarter. Resolution. That Council approves the June, 2017 Second Quarter Goal Plan update, attached as Schedule “A”.

9.5.1 – 2016 Annual Investment Report. Resolution. That Council accepts the 2016 Annual Investment Report, attached as Schedule “A”, in accordance with the Town’s Investment Policy.

9.6.1 – Wasauksing Swing Bridge Restrictions. Direction. That a follow-up letter be sent to the Ministry of Transportation regarding the planned restrictions to the operation of the Wasauksing swing bridge.


10.5.1 – By-law to specify claw back percentages for 2017 property taxes. By-law 2017 – 6749. Being a by-law to Specify the “Claw-back Percentages” in Respect of Properties in the Commercial Class for the 2017 Taxation Year.
I don’t get it, but the amount is too small, $824, to worry about. I’ll need to ask for a tutorial on the whole claw-back process.

Honeysuckle Blooming along the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail (June 2017)