There will be a first public discussion of the Town of Parry Sound 2018 Budget next week. The meeting starts at 6:00 PM in the Town’s council chambers. If things go as usual there will be a short period at the start of the session for deputations from the Public. If you are late you will probably miss that window of opportunity and you will not have an opportunity to speak during the meeting.

I understand the meeting will be streamed live. So unless you have something to say, you may wish to catch it online – the live or recorded versions. Speak to the Town for information on how to access the feed on YouTube. It’s not easy to find the appropriate link. I’d like to suggest the Town put these meeting links directly on the homepage.

The draft budget document is now available at the Town’s website through this link. You may want to review it prior to the meeting to better understand what is being discussed. Staff and Council will have reviewed the document so things will move quickly.

Why not help Staff and Council by heading over to their interactive budget simulator and letting them know what you think. There is a question about a Splash Pad. At this point I’m in support of it. We need to start thinking about the younger folks in town. But, head over to the simulator and let them know what you think about the Splash Pad and a number of other budget related items.