Things are again light this coming week. A few points worth noting:

Closed Session a) – I wonder what’s up with this Oastler Park Drive property. The Town purchased this property for several hundred thousand dollars last year. I was refused information on why the Town purchased the property and its future plans. It’s our money and their secret.

4.1 – Letter / Splash Pad discussion. I agree with the writer’s question about the timing for the start of serious splash pad discussions. The concept of connecting discussions for a splash pad with a municipal pool complex seems strange for all sorts of reasons, unless of course there are thoughts about a pool complex in the vicinity of Waubuno Beach. Then it all makes sense, but I don’t think so.

10.3.1 – Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative Transfer Payment. This is a very nice $43K present from the Province that is intended for use to ‘spruce up’ the Town.

The more material items on the agenda are listed below.

Closed Session

a) the security of property of the municipality or local board (property on Oastler Park Drive, Various Economic Initiatives)
b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees (Licensing Appeal, Recruitment)


4.1 – Chris Cardy, resident. Letter regarding both the proposed splash pad and the pool complex. Is asking why they cannot be dealt with separately.

4.3 – BDO Planning Report. Audit Plan for the consolidated financial statements of The Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound for the year ending December 31, 2017


5.1 – Dianna Allen, Rick Harrington and Delaina Arnold, Parry Sound Area Food Collaborative. Raising of Backyard Chickens

5.2 – Anne Bossart. Update on Tower Hill Activities

5.3 – Stuart Morley of PSM Community Net. Graham Porter of Network Space. Town Crier WiFi Project for downtown Parry Sound.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 Commencement of Fees and Charges By-law for the Installation of Water, Sewer and Storm Services. Resolution. Whereas Lots 7-15, 37-41, and 43-48 of Plan M405 are zoned with a Holding Provision which precludes development until municipal water and sewer services are delivered to the subject properties; and Whereas the majority of property owners and Town of Parry Sound Council wish to see the lots serviced to facilitate residential development. Now therefore be it resolved that Town Council:
1. Directs staff to initiate the tender process to provide water, sewer and storm sewer services to the properties;
2. Authorizes that the project will initially be paid for by the Town of Parry Sound through the General Working Reserve;
3. Directs staff to prepare a Fees and Charges By-law that will recover the costs of the infrastructure from the benefitting property owners;
4. Agrees to pay for the engineering report and legal costs of the project; and
5. Directs staff to remove the “h” symbol for all eligible lots.

9.2.1 – Election Sign By-law – Draft #2 Direction. That staff be directed to bring back the draft Election Sign By-law to the May1st, 2018 Council Meeting, for disposition by Council after the 14-day public notice period so the public may have the opportunity to provide comments.

9.4.1 – Georgian Bay Forever Request for Town assistance with a Pilot Project. Resolution. That upon the review of the documentation provided by Georgian Bay Forever, the Town of Parry Sound support, in principle, their pilot project to identify the amount of microplastics/fibres that enter the waterways from washing synthetic materials used in clothing; and That the Town of Parry Sound allow limited, guided access to the Town Wastewater Treatment Plant at times convenient to staff to take collections and samples; and That any promotion for the project be the responsibility of Georgian Bay Forever; and That Georgian Bay Forever take full responsibility for any involvement with the public related to the installation and any ongoing maintenance of any filters on private property.

9.4.1 – Tender for Grass Seed. Resolution. That Council accept the quotation from Speare Seeds for 2030 kgs of grass seed in the amount of $9,706 including HST, this quotation being the lowest quotation of five (5) received.


10.3.1 – Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative Transfer Payment Agreement. By-law 2018 – 6822. A By-law to authorize the execution of a Transfer Payment Agreement between Her Majesty the Queen in right of the Province of Ontario (as represented by the Association of the Municipalities of Ontario) and the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound on the Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative.

10.3.2 – Extension of Time to Pay Tax Arrears with the owner of 107.5 Church Street in Parry Sound. By-law 2018 – 6823. Being a by-law to authorize an agreement for an extension of time to pay tax arrears for property roll number 4932 050 003 15210 0000.

10.4.1 – Weeks Construction Inc. Contract – Waubeek Street. By-law 2018 – 6824. Being a bylaw to authorize the execution of a Contract Agreement between Weeks Construction Inc. and the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound for the reconstruction of Waubeek Street.