There are a few items on this week’s agenda that caught my attention, and at least one of them had me shaking my head. A bit of commentary precedes the key agenda items.

Closed Session c) – a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes. (Two potential Property Purchases) The Town is looking at acquiring more land. I wonder what’s up. Is it related to a pool complex, the Parry sound Road extension? Let me know if you have some inkling as to where the Town is planning on spending money.

4.2– Seeking payment for damage done when a tree on town property fell on her home. My response is wow. Sometimes is easier to just accept responsibility and move on – but that might create precedent, so deny responsibility. The big organizations can do this because they have the resources to wait out the ‘little people’, (aka the taxpayer). This has to do with a tree branch that fell off a Town tree and pulled down a power line leading to a home. The homeowner is asking the Town to reimburse them for the $900 cost to have the power standard repaired. I am familiar with the situation as it took place in the home across the street from us. After more than 33 pieces of correspondence, and 3 months the claim was denied based on the contention that the tree was healthy and the branch falling down was an act of God. The Town of course proceeded to take the tree down at a cost of about $3,000 by my estimate. There was evidence that the tree was diseased but no one is willing to accept responsibility or declare the tree diseased and a Town responsibility, especially the Town’s insurer. I have attached the full correspondence thread from the agenda package through this link (40 pages). It’s a not very artful example of ‘passing the buck’. The buck it seems stops with the taxpayer.

9.1.1 – Façade Improvement Program Recommendations.There is quite a bit being invested by the Town in improving business signage.

Closed Session

  1. a) the security of property of the municipality or local board. (Boundary Matter)
    b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees. (Internal Staff Issue)
    c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes. (Two potential Property Purchases)


4.1 – Richard and Marilyn Mooder. 16 Rosetta Street. Concerns regarding the flushing of wastewater pipes on Rosetta in 2017 as part of the annual maintenance and how it effected their house.

4.2 – Elaine Pelleboer, 7 Redwood Drive. Seeking payment for damage done when a tree on town property fell on her home. Response from Staff provided.


5.1 – John Meyer and Teryl Faulkner, Parry Sound Area Active Transportation. Presentation of a proposed Bicycle Route on Bowes Street

5.2 – Brenda Muller of Whispering River Orchestra. Information regarding the Whispering River Orchestra and the search for a new home for the Orchestra in Parry Sound.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Façade Improvement Program Recommendations. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the 2018 Façade Improvement Review Committee, Council approves:
a) 93 James Street (No Ordinary Days) in the amount of $18,606.61;
b) 15 James Street (Bearly Used Books) in the amount of $6,100.00;
c) 10 Bowes Street (Sound Ideas Audiology) in the amount of $2,875.00; and
d) 25 Mary Street (Parry Sound Bikes) in the amount of $12,418.39.
And further that Agreement Letters be drafted and executed by the successful applicants.

9.1.2 – Consent Application – B 14/2018 (PS) (Downing) – 8 Edward Street. Resolution. That Consent Application No. B14/2018 (PS) (Downing) – 8 Edward Street, be supported subject to a condition which requires an easement over the drainage course in favour of the Town; and That the owner of 8 Edward Street be advised that it is their responsibility to restore the drainage course to its original abilities to dispose of stormwater should any drainage issues result from their recent alterations.
That the Mayor and Clerk are authorized to execute the easement documentation. That all legal costs to register the easement be paid for by the Town.

9.1.3 – Council Approved Sign Application – Georgian Bay Airways – Bay St. Resolution. That pursuant to section 3.(4) of the Sign By-law, the Chief Building Official is authorized to issue a permit for a sign on the Bay Street road allowance pursuant to the following conditions and variances:
a) The appearance of the sign shall be substantially according to the application,
b) The location of the sign shall be to the satisfaction of the Chief Building Official,
c) The Town reserves the right to remove or relocate the sign on occasion should the lands be required for municipal purposes,
d) A permit may be issued pursuant to this resolution, for the summers of 2019 and 2020 upon payment of a fee of $50 per season, and
e) All other regulations in the sign by-law continue to apply except for those revised by this resolution.

9.2.1 – 2018 International Sports Heritage Association Conference, San Francisco, California. Resolution. That Council authorizes Caitlin Dyer to attend the 2018 International Sports Heritage Association Conference in San Francisco, California September 26th – 28th, 2018, further to By-law No:2008-5173 which requires prior Council approval for attendance at seminars, conferences and conventions outside of the Province of Ontario.

9.2.2 – Council Member Pregnancy, Birth and/or Adoption of Child Leave Policy. Resolution. Whereas the Ontario government passed legislation under Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act; and Whereas the Bill received Royal Assent on May 30, 2017 and is now in effect; and Whereas a number of Ontario Regulations were provided with the Bill; one of which was the policy development of a Pregnancy/Parental Leave policy by all Ontario municipalities;
Now, therefore be it resolved that Council for the Town of Parry Sound approve the Council Member Pregnancy, Birth and/or Adoption of Child Leave Policy attached as Schedule “A”.

9.2.3 – Second Quarter Goal Plans Update. Resolution. That Council approves the June, 2018 Second Quarter Goal Plan update, attached as Schedule “A”.

9.3.1 – 2017 Annual Investment Report. Resolution. That Council accepts the 2017 Annual Investment Report and the attached Schedule “A” in accordance with Town’s Investment Policy.


10.2.1 – Amendments to the Election Sign By-law. By-law 2018 – 6838. Being a by-law to regulate Election Signs in the Town of Parry Sound in federal, provincial and municipal elections and to repeal By-law 2018-6831.

10.3.1 – DBA Lease Agreement Renewal. By-law 2018 – 6839. Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an agreement between the Parry Sound Downtown Board of Management and the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound for a lease renewal for use of a specified portion of the Municipal Office.

10.3.2 – By-law to specify claw back percentages for 2018 property taxes. By-law 2018 – 6840. Being a By-law to Specify the “Claw-back Percentages” in Respect of Properties in the Commercial Class for 2018 Taxation Year.

10.4.1 – Union Gas Franchise Agreement. By-law 2018 – 6841. Being a by-law to execute the Union Gas Franchise Agreement and repeal by-law 98-4008.
Resolution. That Council hereby resolve that:
1. This Council approves the form of draft by-law and franchise agreement attached as Schedule “A” and authorizes the submission thereof to the Ontario Energy Board for approval pursuant to the provisions of Section 9 of The Municipal Franchises Act; and
2. This Council requests that the Ontario Energy Board make an Order declaring and directing that the assent of the municipal electors to the attached draft by-law and franchise agreement, attached as Schedule “A”, pertaining to the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound is not necessary pursuant to the provisions of Section 9(4) of the Municipal Franchises Act; and
3. That the Clerk be directed to provide Union Gas with four certified true copies of this resolution and attachment per their request.