Here are the key agenda items for the upcoming meeting of Parry Sound Council. I have nothing to add in the way of comments or analysis.

Closed Meeting

c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes. (Agreement Regarding Property Purchase), (Waterfront Property)


4.1 – Rebecca Pollock, Chair, Parry Sound Area Active Transportation. A thank you letter for the Town’s work developing, signing and formally recognizing “Wink’s Link”.

4.2 – Chris McDonald, Erin Cardy, Co-Chairs, Sound Splash Pad Steering Committee. Requesting that the Manager of Parks and Recreation be provided the go ahead from Council to begin the application process for the 2018 Trillium Capital Grant.

4.3 – Mary Jane Zissoff, Trilogy of Art. Transfer of the stained glass artwork, “Canadian Pacific Railway Bridge” from the Town office to the Trestle Brewing Company on Great North Road.

4.4 – Christy Cafovski, Executive Director, Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce. A letter of appreciation to the Town for donating funds to the Chamber of Commerce.


5.1 – Brenda Muller of Whispering River Orchestra. Information regarding the Whispering River Orchestra and the search for a new home for the Orchestra in Parry Sound.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1 – Splashpad – Trillium Grant Application. Resolution. Resolution. That Council of the Town of Parry Sound supports the Sound Splash Pad Steering Committee’s request for submission of a Splash Pad Trillium grant application.
Direction for Direct Staff Follow-up): That staff be directed to coordinate development of a comprehensive operational plan to include design details, infrastructure and operating impacts as well as capital and operating costs in conjunction with the Sound Splash Pad Steering Committee and that the plan be prepared in time for Council’s deliberations during the development of the 2019 Budget.

9.2.2 – Re-purposing of 2018 Triathlon Budget. Resolution. Whereas the 2018 Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Triathlon, budgeted for and approved in 2018, will not be taking place this year due to road reconstruction on Prospect Street; Therefore, Be It Resolved That Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound reallocate the funds from the 2018 Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Triathlon to a new 2018 Waubuno Beach Canteen budget as identified in Schedule “A”, attached.

9.5.1 – Advancement of a Housing Summit. Spokesperson: Mayor Jamie McGarvey


10.2.1 – Site Plan Agreement Exemption – Century 21 – 51 Bowes Street. Amendment to Site Plan Control By-law. Resolution. Whereas By-law 2017-6723 requires site plan approval for commercial additions in excess of 50 sq. metres; and Whereas Section 11 of this By-law permits Council to omit any development from aspects of the site plan control by-law; Now Therefore be it resolved that Council omits the requirements of By-law 2017-6723 for an addition to 51 Bowes Street, except that drainage largely occurs in the format as detailed on Schedule “A”; and Further That 50% of the application fee be returned to the applicant due to the simplicity of this request.

10.3.1 – Memorandum of Understanding: Hatchets Rowing Centre Yvonne Williams Park. By-law 2018 – 6844. Being a by-law to approve the memorandum of understanding for the use of Yvonne Williams Park as a rowing training centre, between the Town of Parry Sound and the Hatchets Rowing Centre.

10.4.1 – Investment Policy Update / Powerpoint Presentation. By-law 2018 – 6845. Being a By-law to approve the updated “Investment Policy” for the Corporation of Town of Parry Sound and repeal By-law 2017-6768.