A light agenda with the proposed development on Louisa Street (10.2.2) probably the issue of most interest. Some quick comments:

4.3 – Intersection of Isabella & Gibson Streets. The suggestion is the installation of 4-way stop signs. My experience would support the suggestion. It can be tricky turning left from Gibson onto Isabella for the reasons noted in the letter.

10.2.2 – Rezoning Application – Z/18/04 – Louisa Street (Acorn Ridge). The council meeting package contains an extensive review of the proposal and the basis for Staff’s recommendation that the rezoning application be approved. Check out the meeting agenda package at the Town’s website for the full report and recommendation.


4.1 – Downtown Business Association. Resignation of Mike Puro from DBA Board.

4.3 – Dan Ball & Gord Knechtel. Intersection of Isabella & Gibson Streets.

Consent Agenda

8.1 – Fluoride in the Municipality’s Drinking Water System. Resolution. Whereas By-law 2016-6619, passed on March 15, 2016, removed fluoride from Parry Sound’s Drinking water until a question could be placed on the Ballot for the 2018 Municipal Election; and Whereas By-law 2018-6802, passed on February 20, 2018, placed the following question on the ballot: “Are you in favour of the fluoridation of the public water supply of municipality?; and Whereas the Municipal Election took place on October 22, 2018 with the following results in answer to the above question placed on the ballot:
Yes – 882
No – 1506
Now Therefore Be It resolved that Council direct the Clerk to notify the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks, the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of McDougall that the majority of eligible electors who voted in the municipal election are not in favour of the fluoridation of the Town’s public water supply and that the Town of Parry Sound will not add fluoride to the Town’s drinking water; and Further that the Director of Public Works be directed to complete a Form 2 – Record of Minor Modifications or Replacements to the Drinking Water System and then a Director Notification Alterations to a Drinking Water System form both to be forwarded to the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1. – Financial Variance Report for Q3 2018. Resolution. That Council hereby receives and accepts the variance report for Q3 2018 (September 30, 2018) in Schedule “A” as attached; and Further that Council hereby approves the expenses for Council members for the period from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, as in Schedule “B” attached.

9.2.1 – Urban Tree Canopy and Native Vegetation Policy. Resolution. That in accordance with Section 270(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 25, that the Town of Parry Sound Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy, as per the attached Schedule A, be adopted.

9.4.1 – Alcohol & Drug Use Policy. Resolution. That Council hereby approves amendment to the Town employee Alcohol and Drug Use policy to prohibit the use of marijuana by employees on Town worksites and during working hours, per the policy attached as Schedule “A”.


10.2.1 – Agreement of Purchase and Sale. By-law 2018 – 6873. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale between Nancy Anne Virtue and the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound.

10.2.2. – Rezoning Application – Z/18/04 – Louisa Street (Acorn Ridge). By-Law 2018-6874. Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law), as amended, for Louisa Street (Acorn Ridge Properties Inc.).
Resolution. That the increase in height of 1.6 feet as noted in the Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting for Z/18/04 – Louisa Street compared to what was noted on the application does not require any additional circulation in accordance with Section 34(17) of the Planning Act.
Direction. That staff be directed to discuss and prepare a Pre-Development Agreement with the applicant for Council’s consideration. This agreement will determine the cost for road and sidewalks improvements and determine if and how a cost sharing can be arranged with the developer.

10.4.1 – New Code of Conduct for Council, Boards and Committees. By-law 2018 – 6875. Being a bylaw to authorize the passage of a new Code of Conduct respecting the behaviour of Members of Council in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as elected community representatives and the behaviour of Local Board/Committee members and to repeal by-laws 2012-6138, 2014-6474 and 2016-6597.