I want my 2019 Draft Budget (to the tune of I want my MTV). I can empathize with the Town’s challenges with regards to their Finance Director, but that is where senior management is supposed roll up their sleeves and get it done. Stuff happens but we still get the roads plowed, if not in the next hour or two, at least in the next six hours. Even the Director of Operations will get behind the wheel if necessary. I am concerned that we will have a budget administered to us without any public review and input. I am usually sympathetic to the challenges of running any type of operation but this is starting to have overtones of negligence.

There really is nothing of importance on the agenda. The finance folks are investing time in making sure that members of Council are properly topped up with respect to salaries (Item 9.3.1). Council and Staff are spending time on telling our neighbours what they would, and would not, like them to do with the zoning of their properties (Item 9.2.1). It’s a bit like asking your neighbour for input on an in ground swimming pool you are planning to have installed and they say they would rather you didn’t. What are you going to do?

We finally get a report from the Economic Development Officer (Item 9.3.3).

Council and Community Member remunerations are reported (Item 9.4.1). I have pasted the most relevant tables from that section at the end of this Council Agenda Preview.

One last thought: Where is the draft 2019 budget?

Closed Session

b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees (Planning Matter); (Board Appointments).


4.1– Marion Cross. Recycling Policy at BOCC.

4.2– Georgian Bay Forever. Requesting partnership support regarding Divert & Capture Program: The Fight to Keep Microplastics out of our Water.

4.3– Chris Cardy. Rotary Splash Pad Positive supporters advocacy to install Splash Pad.

4.4– Anna May Gillingham. Concerns about sidewalk conditions on William Street.


5.1– Mayor Ted Comiskey, Town of Ingersoll. Ontario Municipalities Demand of “Right to Approve” Landfill Sites in jurisdiction.

5.2– Christina Bossart, Ian Sproule. Hidden Bay March Break Camp.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1– Comment on Seguin Zoning By-law Amendment Application. That Council directs staff to advise the Township of Seguin that Parry Sound Council is generally supportive of regional economic development initiatives and requests that:
1. The property be rezoned to a site-specific zoning category rather than a general C3 Zone that only permits the requested uses;
2. Outlet retail uses be defined to ensure that they are not uses which would be more suitably located within the Town of Parry Sound as per Section 1 of the PPS or which would negatively impact the vitality and viability of the Parry Sound Downtown (ex. beer or liquor stores, banks or boutique retail uses);
3. Innovative technology-type uses be specifically defined in a manner which ensures they are not uses which compete with the Seguin Airport Industrial Park (in which the Town is a partner), which would be more suitably located in a serviced Settlement Area or negatively impact the environment;
4. The Zoning By-law Amendment specifically note that municipal water and sewer services will not be provided to the subject property unless the property becomes part of the Town of Parry Sound. This is to ensure the natural environment is protected and that any potential developer does not have expectations about the extension of Town of Parry Sound municipal services;
5. The appropriate studies are undertaken and implemented to ensure the protection of the natural environment, which includes the northerly waterbody (Anderson Lake) which is partially within the Town of Parry Sound, or the property be split zoned to ensure these commercial uses do not have a negative impact upon the waterfront’s features and functions; and
6. The Township of Seguin provide a notice of decision to the Clerk of the Town of Parry Sound.

9.3.1– Council Members 1/3 Tax Exemption. Direction. That staff be directed to implement remuneration increases of elected officials retroactive to January 1, 2019, as recommended in this report and consistent with Council direction as set-out in By-law 2015 – 6554.
Direction. That staff bring Council group benefits options (health/dental) for consideration to a future Council meeting.
Direction. That upon approval of Council direction regarding: remuneration increases retroactive to January 1, 2019; and consideration of Council group benefits (health, dental); staff present a comprehensive compensation by-law for Council members to a future Council meeting.

9.3.2– Bobby Orr Gift Shop Renovation. Resolution. THAT the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame gift shop renovation budget of $50,000 be approved; and the required funds be withdrawn from the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Special Projects Reserve Fund.

9.3.3– Economic Development Report. Presentation for Council Information.

9.4.1– 2018 Statement of Remuneration to Council and Board Members. Resolution. That the 2018 Statement of Remuneration Paid to Council and Appointed Board Members, attached as Schedule “A”, be accepted.


10.4.1– Debenture By-law. By-law 2019 – 6896. Being a By-law to Authorize the Borrowing Upon Amortizing Debentures in the Principal Amount of $4,585,451.59 Towards the Cost of the Reconstruction of William Street with Drainage Improvements, and Reconstruction of Emily St.