Here are some quick note/comments about yesterday evening’s meeting of the Town of Parry Sound Council. Rather than record and edit the video, this summary proves a link to the recording on YouTube and identifies the timings for the relevant sections. It’s easy enough to just scrub forward and watch the sections that are of most interest.

Questions of Staff:

Pothole repairs – they are underway as weather permits (0:01:40)
Budget Status – Late March or Early April (0:02:56)

Council Reports – Nothing caught my attention, but I did skip through it. (0:36:30)

DBA Appointments – It seems that change is in the offing. (0:51:20)

9.2.1 – Seguin Zoning Comments. Nothing new here but the benefit of the Town offering comments is that it permits the Town of Parry Sound to file a later appeal. (I’ve been through something similar and suggest that case law is not supportive of a successful appeal of a neighbouring municipality’s zoning decision.) (0:52:30)

9.3.1 – Council Members 1/3 Tax Exemption. This item was postponed until the next meeting when a full council was present – two members were absent. (0:57:30)

9.3.3- Economic Development Report. There seems to be quite a bit of activity ongoing to attract businesses to Parry Sound. I wonder though if most of the benefits will accrue to our neighbouring municipalities given the availability of land and lower taxes. The Town of Parry Sound, in theory at least, does not provide financial incentives for new businesses to help subsidize cost differentials. But even more businesses in the larger area will be good for the Town. It’s worth watching to get an update. (1:03:45)

Here is a link to the full meeting video on YouTube.