A couple of quick notes and then my thoughts on selected agenda items.
1. The next post in the Amalgamation series will be a bit later than hoped. I continue to do research and don’t want to bother municipalities for more detailed information given their involvement in budget preparations.
2. What costs more: money foregone as income, or the same amount paid out as expenses? They seem the same to me, but other municipalities act as though they think the Town of Parry Sound, by hosting almost all of the non-taxable charitable and not-for-profit, organizations in the district breaks even. It doesn’t. There is not only the incremental expense to the Town associated with these organizations it is the assessment revenue lost on the land they occupy. A real-world example of the issues facing the Town is seen in Item 9.3.2.

4.4– Seguin Township. Donation of $10,000 towards Stockey Centre operating expenses. In my Amalgamation posts I did not acknowledge this donation. It doesn’t change the figures but it does reflect a positive sentiment on the part of Seguin that covers about 3% of the operating loss for the Stockey Centre.

9.1.1– Tender – Isabella Street Reconstruction. Ouch! The lowest tender came in at $600,000, almost 50%, above the budgeted amount. The difference will be paid with additional debentures.

9.1.2– Salt Dock Road Culvert payment. The parties have agreed to split the costs above the budgeted amount 50/50. That seems reasonable to me given the circumstances. Stuff happens.

9.2.1– Consent Application – B 04/2019 (PS) (L.U. Maughan Co. Ltd on behalf of The Barrie YMCA). The YMCA wants to sever a portion of their property for the development of residential properties. See the map at the bottom of the post for details about the location of the severed lot.

9.3.1– Pool & Wellness Centre report. This is a report that is interesting in the scope of communities involved. It’s very vague, but arguably a starting point. Refer to the full agenda for the Draft Committee Structure. All in or no deal, in my opinion.

9.3.2– DSSAB pay property taxes for HUB. The amount would be $78,000 annually. If the Town of Parry Sound is to support affordable housing for the district it needs to be appropriately compensated for the services it provides. I agree 100% with the benefits of affordable housing and the need for the Town not to be left alone to subsidize these necessary resources.

9.3.3– Budget Meeting Schedule. Okay we have a schedule. April 2ndfor a general overview of the budget and April 9thfor a Special Budget meeting commencing at 6:00 pm.

10.3.1– By-law for Council. Remuneration that compensates for lost expenses.

Agenda Items (Abridged)


4.1– Gurneth Hoddy, President, Parry Sound Seniors Club. Request for 2019 increased grant, for increased time limit to four hours for parking in the seniors area from Mary to Rosetta Street, and placing a seniors crossing sign near the club from Mary to Rosetta Street.

4.2– Nathan Beatty, Chair of Board of Directors, Beaconview Condominiums. Request for placement of no parking signs on Salt Dock Road adjacent to the private drive.

4.3– Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Request to adopt resolution to participate in Partners for Climate Protection, to appoint a representative to area wide initiative and make a financial contribution to support establishment of Committee Terms of Reference.

4.4– Seguin Township. Donation of $10,000 towards Stockey Centre operating expenses


5.1– Susan Hrycyna, Brenda Ryan. DBA Downtown Beautification Plan.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1– Tender – Isabella Street Reconstruction. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of Triton Engineering Services Limited, Council award the tender for the reconstruction of Isabella Street from Tudhope Street to William Street to Weeks Construction Inc., in the amount of $1,989,503.78, including HST, this tender being the lowest of three (3) tenders received.

9.1.2– Salt Dock Road Culvert payment. Resolution 2019 – 008 (as postponed from February 5, 2019 Council Meeting) That Council accepts the report regarding the additional costs encountered at the Salt Dock Culvert Replacement Project, and the additional costs be taken from the Salt Dock Reserves.

9.2.1– Consent Application – B 04/2019 (PS) (L.U. Maughan Co. Ltd on behalf of The Barrie YMCA). Resolution. That a decision on Consent Application No. B 04/2019 (PS) (L.U. Maughan Co. Ltd on behalf of The Barrie YMCA) be deferred until an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment has been adopted and approved.

9.3.1– Pool & Wellness Centre report. Resolution. That the Pool & Wellness Centre Report be received for information purposes.

9.3.2– DSSAB pay property taxes for HUB. Direction. That staff be directed to request the District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) pay to the Town of Parry Sound an amount equivalent to the amount of property taxes that would be payable each year by the HUB, beginning with 2018, had they not received 100% property tax exemption from MPAC.

9.3.3– Budget Meeting Schedule. Direction. That the dates as set out in this report for the 2019 budget deliberations be approved, including a Special Meeting on April, 9, 2019, and that staff update the Town’s Web site and Council calendar accordingly.

9.5.1– Bottled Water Reduction. Resolution. Whereas water is essential for human life to exist on earth, and access to clean drinkable water should be a basic human right, and water has been commodified by the sale of bottled water; and
Whereas Canada is a participant to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; and
Whereas the United Nations has called on all countries to reduce green house gas emissions; and
Whereas single use plastics are significant items of unnecessary waste that damage our environment; and
Whereas Canada as a country and all of the provinces and territories are not likely to reach our targets to reduce green house gas emissions by 2030; and
Whereas many scientists and environmental advocates are asking us to end the fossil fuel-based economy as soon as possible;
Be it Resolved That the Town of Parry Sound will undertake a review/audit in 2019 of the Town facilities to identify areas where the use of municipal water can be further optimized, and the use of bottled water can be reduced or eliminated wherever possible; and
Further that a policy be developed to promote the use of municipal drinking water in the Town; and
Further be it resolved That the Town of Parry Sound will encourage our immediate neighbours in West Parry Sound Area to do the same; and
Further be it resolved that the Town of Parry Sound will forward this motion as an aspirational objective to the following partners: City of Quinte West who passed the original resolution on the topic; the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), all other similar provincial and territorial organizations in Canada, all Premiers and the Prime Minister and the leaders of all Provincial and Federal Parties in Canada with the request that they enact legislation to do the same.


10.2.1– Load Charge By-law. By-law 2019 – 6901. Being a By-law to amend by-laws 99-4113 The Heavy Load By-law and 2010-5408 Fees and Service Charges, and repeal 99-4114 The Water and Sewer Load Charge bylaw.

10.3.1– By-law for Council remuneration. By-law 2019 – 6902. Being a By-Law with respect to remuneration and expenses for members of Council and Local Boards.