You are busy people, so I focus on what I consider to be the key issues. The highlights of the meeting along with my comments are at the beginning followed by a more comprehensive summary. Refer to the full agenda and minutes at the Town’s website as well as the online recording (YouTube) for additional information and details.

2.1 – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – Z/19/02 – Pine Drive. It looks as though there will be a 75 to 100 unit Best Western hotel going up across from The Source on Pine Drive. There are some complaints from the Big Box stores about blocking views and creating additional traffic, but these are unlikely to gain traction. I expect that some of the smaller hotels in Town will either need to upgrade their services or think about a conversion to apartments. There is only so much of a need for hotel rooms outside of the summer season.

7.1 – Settlement for an Appeal for Acorn Ridge. It also seems that the Acorn Ridge development on Louisa Street will be going forward. A settlement of some sort was reached with the folks on Louisa Street opposing the development. That’s good news for the Town in terms of additional tax revenue. It also means that Louisa Street will be upgraded from the mess it currently is.

9.3.1 – Sidewalk Patios in the Downtown. It will be possible for folks to have a sandwich on James Street this summer. I’m not sure about a beer or a cigarette, or heaven forbid a toke. It seems that the use of these patios will be restricted to customers. No brown bagging it folks. The after-hour folks should be able to have a beer and a toke if no one is watching too closely. Actually they will be able have a toke, but not a beer if I understand current provincial regulations.

9.4.1 – Canadore College Rental of Space for Non-College Uses. The Town put its foot down and said no. Seems reasonable to me. I understand how Canadore would like the guaranteed revenue, but you shouldn’t ask the kids to share a single bedroom so that you can take on boarders unless it’s make or break situation.

9.4.2 – 2019 Municipal Assistance Program Allocation. A copy of Schedule A was not included with the minutes so you may need to ask the Town if you are interested. It’s not much money.

Closed Session

(e) – litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board: (Planning Matter).

Public Meeting

2.1 – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – Z/19/02 – Pine Drive (John Jackson on behalf of V G Cox Limited). Clerk Rebecca Johnson reported that notice was given by prepaid first-class mail to the required prescribed agencies and property owners within 120 metres, posted in the newspaper, posted on the property, and was placed on the Town’s website. Manager of Building & Planning Services Taylor Elgie reported that the applicant has requested relief from the C3 zone for a hotel with a maximum height of 15.1 metres when currently only 10.5 metres is permitted and reduce sparking space sizes to 2.75 x 5.75 metres from the current requirement of 3 x 6 metres. The property is a vacant, cleared lot on Pine Drive, described as Part Lot 26 Concession 1, more particularly described as Parts 1 & 2 on 42R18868, in the Town of Parry Sound.

2.1.1 – Representing the proponents, John Jackson provided an update, noting that the property originally owned by Parry Sound Fuels has been transferred to the developers. Mr. Jackson reported that the developers are proposing to build a hotel of 75-100 units – the numbers dependent upon final architectural drawings with Best Western. The unconfirmed roof design may require a height of 15.1 metres, greater than 10.5 metres, which is the Town’s cap and will consist of 3 or 4 stories, like the Parry Sound Microtel. Location proposed is behind the car wash. In response to expressed concerns made by nearby big box businesses, Mr. Jackson said that the single storey in the sight lines of the big box stores will not block the view of them and that individual parking space sizes have been reduced to enable lots of parking without constraints. Mr. Jackson noted that the application is coming forward now, without certainty on roof height, because the proponents wish to move on the project so that it can be closed in by fall.

2.1.2 – No one spoke in opposition to the proposed zoning by-law amendment. Mr. Elgie reported that one letter, from Gerald Asa, had been received in opposition to the proposed zoning by-law amendment, citing the following concerns:
1) increase in height as it impacts negatively on the visibility of our buildings.
2) servicing works which may impact traffic flow along Pine Drive as the shopping centre is extremely busy in the summer time and requires all lanes be open and freely passable.
3) parking requirements.
4) sight lines for the access point to ensure that any vehicles exiting the hotel lands onto Pine Drive can be clearly visible to drivers leaving the shopping center.
5) exiting the hotel lot and ensuring a stop sign is a requirement.
6) storm water flows and ensuring none is directed onto our property.
Mayor McGarvey gave the following explanation on next steps: The public should contact staff or check the Town’s website to see when this amendment will come back for a decision. Council, at its discretion, may approve the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment. If so, it must either circulate notice of passing of the by-law or give notice in the local press. Objections to the passing of the by-law will be received by the Clerk within 20 days from the date such notice is given, which objections will be forwarded to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. If an appeal is submitted and the appellant has not provided Council with an oral or written submission before the passing of the by-law, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal may choose to dismiss the appeal.

Questions of Staff

3.2.1 – In response to Councillor Keith’s inquiry regarding how to improve the pedestrian crossing situation at Waubeek Street/Avenue Road/Belvedere Avenue, Director of Public Works, Peter Brown proposed that crossing be improved by better signage in the area, and more definitive lines on the road. Mr. Brown suggested that this be included as part of the Wabueek Street reconstruction plans.


4.2 – Federal Minister of Infrastructure & Communities. Notice of the 2019 special 2.2 billion additional gas tax fund top-up to municipalities. This letter has been referred to all members of Council, the CAO and Directors.

Ratification of Matters from Closed Agenda

7.1 – Settlement for an Appeal for Acorn Ridge – Z/18/04. Whereas the Council for the Town of Parry Sound approved Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z18-04 – Acorn Ridge by By-law 2018-6871 on November 6, 2018; and Whereas this By-law applied to the lands described as Part of Lot 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on the west side of Louisa Street on Plan 21, or more particularity described as Part 3 42R9332, Part 2 of 42R9754, and Parts 2 and 8 of 42R10238 (“the Subject Lands”); and Whereas this By-law was then appealed by Louis and Elise Rensonnet (the “Appellants”) to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and assigned case number PL180936 (the “Appeal”); and Whereas the Town of Parry Sound (the “Town”), the Appellants and Acorn Ridge Properties Inc. (the “Applicant”) have engaged in settlement talks to reach a compromise; and Whereas Minutes of Settlement have been negotiated which reach a settlement on the Appeal.
Now therefore be it resolved that the Mayor and Clerk are authorized to execute the Minutes of Settlement, attached as Schedule “A” to this resolution, And Further that Council directs staff to inform the signatories of the Minutes of Settlement when a site plan agreement is achieved, provide 30 days notice to the Appellants prior to the lifting of a holding provision on the subject lands, and that the site plan agreement be registered on title of the Subject Lands.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1– Ontario Regulation 284/09 – Excluded Expenses from the 2019 Budget. Resolution. That Council hereby adopts the compliance report for expenses excluded from the 2019 budget outlined in the staff Report and Recommendation “Ontario Regulation 284/09”, attached as Schedule “A”, as a requirement of Ontario Regulation 284/09 passed under the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25. Carried

9.2.1 – Water Inflow & Infiltration Study. Direction. That Council direct staff to continue working on the program of storm water separation from the sanitary sewer system, with the goal of removing all storm water inflow and infiltration from the sanitary sewer system. Carried

9.3.1 – Sidewalk Patios in the Downtown. Resolution. That the Council of the Town of Parry Sound adopt the Guiding Principles for Sidewalk Patios and endorse a one-year pilot project for a maximum of 4 Sidewalk Patios; and further That fees as required in the Guiding Principles be waived for the one-year pilot project only. Carried

9.3.2 – EMS Base in Seguin. Direction. That upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee, Town of Parry Sound Council direct staff to pursue in a cooperative fashion with Seguin Township, an agreement that will change the location of the EMS base from the Foley Fire Hall #2 to the Humphrey Fire Hall. Carried

9.3.3 – Greystone Development. Resolution.
1. That Council authorizes Joshua Morgan Planning & Development Inc. and Greystone Project Management Inc. to apply for applications under the Planning Act for Town owned lands described as Parts 1 and 2 of 42R21034; and furthermore, all costs related to these applications, including but not limited to the preparation of studies, infrastructure upgrades and defending an appeal, shall not be the responsibility of the Town of Parry Sound; and
2. That despite paragraph 1. of this Resolution, the Town’s fees in the amount of $3,335 for rezoning and official plan amendment applications shall be waived for Greystone Project Management Inc.; and
3. That the Clerk and Mayor are authorized to execute an amendment to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale as per the attached Schedule “A” to this Resolution.Carried

9.4.1 – Canadore College Rental of Space for Non-College Uses. Resolution. Whereas the Town of Parry Sound has long recognized the demand for skilled trades and the need for a post secondary educational institution to serve the Parry Sound area; Whereas in 2010 the Town of Parry Sound provided Canadore College with land to construct a post secondary college in Parry Sound; Whereas the Canadore College West Parry Sound Campus was established to deliver programs in the trades, adult and post secondary education serving the West Parry Sound area; Whereas the Town of Parry Sound provided Canadore College with an interest free forgivable mortgage, with Restrictive Covenants to ensure that the college remains a post secondary educational and training facility; Whereas it has been brought to the Town’s attention that the College is considering leasing a significant portion of the campus’s classroom space for use as an elementary school offering French language education up to Grade 8; Whereas concerns have been raised by the community with respect to undermining the quality of post secondary programming and the appropriateness of elementary age school children in an adult college environment; Whereas the Town of Parry Sound and the area municipalities are actively pursuing economic development opportunities and a post secondary college is integral to achieving the area’s economic development objectives; Whereas the Province has continued to voice significant concerns regarding the shortage of skilled workers in Ontario; Whereas Canadore College has not finalized the lease arrangement for the French elementary school. Now therefore be it resolved that Canadore College be advised of the Restrictive Covenants which are part of the Purchase and Sale Agreement and mortgage and they do not permit leasing space to an elementary school; And further that the importance of a post secondary college to the Parry Sound area economic development strategy be conveyed to Canadore College; And further that this Resolution be forwarded to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the Canadore College Board of Governors, the President of Canadore College, the West Parry Sound Canadore College Campus Administrator, M.P.P. Norm Miller and the West Parry Sound area municipalities.
The following Motion to Postpone was made: That the resolution be postponed to the next Council meeting for the collection of further information from Canadore College on the intention to rent space for non-College use. Defeated
The original motion was voted on and Carried

9.4.2 – 2019 Municipal Assistance Program Allocation. That Council approve the 2019 Municipal Assistance Program allocations per Schedule A attached. Carried

9.4.3 – Investing in Canada Infrastructure Project. Resolution. That the Town of Parry Sound supports a joint project with the Township of Seguin for the realignment and lengthening of the runway at the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport; and That the Town of Parry Sound will submit an application in the amount of $4.996 million for this joint project to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), for a total project cost of $9.996 million; and That the Town of Parry Sound supports the Township of Seguin as the lead applicant for the joint project, understanding that Seguin will cashflow the project, including the recipient’s total share of $1.167 million; and That the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission is responsible for all cost overruns and ineligible expenses of the joint project, should the provincial and federal funding for the joint project be approved. Carried


10.1.1 – 2019 Budget. By-law 2019 – 6910. Being a By-law to Adopt the Operating and Capital Budget Estimates for the Year 2019 Read a First, Second & Third time, Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.1.2 – Temporary Borrowing Authorization. By-law 2019 – 6911. Being a by-law to authorize temporary borrowing to meet the current expenditures of the Town of Parry Sound until taxes are collected and other revenues are received. Read a First, Second & Third time, Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.3.1 – Parking & Traffic Control By-law for the Town of Parry Sound. By-law 2019 – 6912. Being a By-law to Regulate and Control Parking & Traffic in the Town of Parry Sound. Read a First, Second & Third time, Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.3.2 – Burks Falls EMS Base lease. By-law 2019 – 6913. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of an agreement with the Village of Burks Falls for the use and occupation of 150 Huston Street, known as the Ambulance Garage on the Almaguin Highlands Health Centre Site, for a five (5) year term. Read a First, Second & Third time, Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.3.3 – Zoning By-law Amendment – Barker, 21 Miller Street. By-law 2019 – 6914. Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law), as amended, for 21 Miller Street (Barker). Read a First, Second & Third time, Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.4.1 – Horticultural Society MOU for Town flower beds. By-law 2019 – 6915. Being a by-law to authorize execution of a memorandum of understanding with the Parry Sound District Horticultural Society for Town flower beds. Read a First, Second & Third time, Passed, Signed and Sealed.