This is a rather remarkable Town of Parry Sound council meeting with only a single resolution on the agenda.

Notable Items:

4.4 & Closed Session (c) – There seems to be activity afoot to sell the CP Station to the Festival of the Sound. It will be interesting to see what terms are agreed. For everything that the Festival provides for the Town it is interesting to see how much they are still dependent on the Town for direct and indirect support. It’s like having a 40-year child coming back for handouts.

10.3.3 – It looks as though we will have a Best Western in town. It will add another hundred or so beds. How many more beds have been created in town with the general acceptance of Airbnb? I hope the private individuals who are playing the Airbnb game have their fire detectors up to date. Is this something the Fire Department monitors? Do we have a safety issue hiding in plain sight?

Closed Session
(c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board; (CP Station)

Public Meeting
2.1 – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – Z/19/03 – 32 Riverdale Road. (Laforme/Hubert).
2.2 – Proposed fee for the consideration of Alternative Solutions as defined by the Ontario Building Code.

4.1 – Ontario BIA Association. Notice of Award at the 2019 OBIAA Conference to the Parry Sound DBA in the Special Events + Promotions – Small category judged on five BIA pillars: Innovation, Replication, Representation, Outcome, and Accessibility.
4.2 – Township of Seguin. Re: Official Plan Amendment No. 9 Recreational Water Quality Model Update.
4.4 – Scott Scarrow, Board member, Granite Harbour. Granite Harbour waste collection concerns.

– Ian Fleming, Alison Scarrow, Dan DiNicolo, Donald Sanderson, John Sallinen, Festival of the Sound Board. Future of the CP Station/Festival Office.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
– Appointment as a WPS SMART Member. Resolution. That Clayton Harris, the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer be appointed as a member of WPS SMART to represent the Town, replacing the former representative, Rob Mens, the former CAO.

– Financial Assistance to Elderly Persons Centres. Direction. To process the grant payment to Parry Sound Seniors Club in the amount of $5,000, as approved through the 2019 Budget Process, being 100% of the budget for Seniors Assistance; and Provide correspondence to the Parry Sound Seniors Club indicating the October 31 deadline for their annual grant requests; and encourage the Club review their membership’s place of residence and request financial support from those area communities as well.
By-law 2019 – 6917. Being a By-law to revoke By-law 2001-4399 regarding an out-dated funding provision for an Elderly Persons Centre.
10.1.2 – Appointment of Treasurer. By-law 2019 – 6921. Being a By-law to appoint Stephanie Phillips as Treasurer of the Town of Parry Sound.
10.3.1 – Pointe au Baril EMS Base. By-law 2019 – 6918. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of an agreement with the Township of The Archipelago for the use and occupation of the EMS Base located at 70 South Shore Rd., Pointe au Baril.
10.3.2 – Primary Public Safety Answering Point. By-law 2019 – 6920. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of an agreement with the OPP for the provision of 9-1-1 Primary PSAP Services.
10.3.3 – Rezoning Application – Z/19/02 – Pine Drive (John Jackson Planner Inc. on Behalf of V.G. Cox Limited). By-law 2019-6922. Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law), as amended, for Pine Drive (John Jackson Planner Inc. on Behalf of V.G. Cox Limited)
Direction for Staff Follow-up: That staff be directed to bring forward pole sign renewal until January 31, 2045 for Oastler Park Shopping Plaza Limited.
10.4.1 – Georgian Nordic Paddling MOU RE: William Street Park for Paddling Training Centre. By-law 2019 – 6919. Being a by-law to approve the memorandum of understanding with Georgian Nordic Paddling for use of William Street Park as a paddling training centre.