A rather limited number of items on this week’s council agenda. There are a few items worth noting:

Closed Session c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purpose, (CP Station; Big Sound Marina). It seems things are hotting up with respect to the Town’s purchase and sale of real estate.

2.1 – Zoning By-law Amendment. This concerns the number of parking spots that Trestle Brewing Company is obliged to provide. I suspect that there is a requirement for a defined number of parking spaces based on the number of establishment ‘seats’. The brewery is planning to add additional patio seating.

9.2.1 – 2019 Budget Analysis in relation to 4 per cent challenge. This item seems to be a ‘red herring’ of sorts. The Province has challenged municipalities, notably cities, to reduce their budgets by 4%. The Town of Parry Sound’s obligation to manage the Land Ambulance services as well as additional direct billed expenses such as OPP, DSSAB, Belvedere and MPAC ($12.3 million in total) are not in the Town’s control. Asking the Town staff to reduce that expense by 4% is not reasonable. It still would have been interesting to see how the Town might address the 4% reduction challenge with respect to the other budget elements. I don’t think that the budget items listed as “Limited Control” ($5 million) are that. If the Town takes on debt or an obligation it ‘owns it’ and needs to control it one way or another. For example, if you take on student loans you need to manage that as part of your personal budget. To hit a 4% reduction in your personal expenses, and the loan can’t be reduced by 4%, you need to cut by more in other areas.

Closed Session

c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purpose, (CP Station; Big Sound Marina).

Public Meeting

2.1 – Zoning By-law Amendment – Z/19/07 – 1929330 Ontario Limited (9 Great North Road). The applicant has requested to amend the C3 zone to reduce the on-site parking spaces requirement by 25 spaces and permit an accessory structure between the roadway and the main building. The request is to meet parking requirements due to a proposed patio.


4.1 – Bayside Family Church. Concerns with municipal service causing flooding at 4 Parry Sound Drive.

4.2 – Lori & Doug Kin. Objection to Greystone Project vis a vis building height as it will block view.

4.3 – Lynn Martin. Concerns with and suggestions for Stockey Centre recycling/waste practices.

4.4 – Jeremy Cross, Executive Director, National Coaches Association of Ontario. National Coaches Week September 21-29, 2019.


5.1 – Rita Orr, CEO, Parry Sound Public Library. Library Commercial

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1 – Caitlin Dyer appointed VP Communications to CASH (Canadian Association for Sports Heritage). Direction. That the announcement of Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Curator Caitlin Dyer’s appointment as VP Communications to the Canadian Association for Sports Heritage be received.

9.2.1 – 2019 Budget Analysis in relation to 4 per cent challenge. Direction. That the Report be received for Information Purposes.

9.4.1 Façade Improvement Project Recommendations. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the 2019 Façade Improvement Review Committee, Council approves:
97a Bowes Street (Maurizio’s Pizzeria) in the amount of $10,750.50;
47 Gibson Street (Don Corbett) in the amount of $12,427.20;
69a Bowes Street (Parry Sound Insurance) in the amount of $562.50;
42 Gibson Street (Georgian Bay Software) in the amount of $1,250.00;
19 James Street (White Squall) in the amount of $1,525.00; and
67 James Street (FAD Architects) in the amount of $9,570.00.
And that Agreement Letters be drafted and executed by the successful applicants.


10.3.1 – The Cemetery By-law. By-law 2019 – 6940. Being a by-law to establish the maintenance, management, regulation and control of Hillcrest Cemetery and Sylvan Acres Cemetery.

10.4.1 – Transfer of surplus lands to the Township of The Archipelago. By-law 2019 – 6941. Being a By-law to declare property surplus to the Town’s needs and to identify a means of sale for Town-owned property legally described as HARRISON LOCATION CL 16222; CON 2 PT LOTS 24 AND 25 RP;42R19262 PART 1 RP 42R19322;PART 1 now located in the Township of The Archipelago.

10.4.2 – Municipal By-law Enforcement on call service agreement with Gary Kloetstra. By-law 2019 – 6942. Being a By-law to enter into agreement for municipal by-law enforcement on-call service and appoint Gary Kloestra as a Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer.