I have no comments to offer in terms of the items discussed and the decisions taken. I was happy to see that the beaches will be opened this week, albeit unsupervised (3.2.4).

Closed Session
b) personal matter about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees; (annual performance review of Director of Finance; 6-month probationary review of Director of Public Works)
e) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board, (Contractor work on Town property);
f) advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose, (Contractor work on Town property).

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof
Councillor Backman declared pecuniary interest on item 9.1.1, as she receives remuneration from FONOM. Councillor Backman did not participate in discussion, nor vote on the item.

Questions of Staff
3.2.1 – 
In response to Councillor McCann’s inquiry regarding the Firefighters’ training as instrumental in saving the Beatty building over the weekend, Fire Chief Dave Thompson reported that the Volunteer Firefighters have been working hard recently on training to fight fires in larger and more complex structures. In the past few weeks, the Firefighters responded to three fires in Parry Sound and one in McDougall which is a high number of call outs. With the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the practice has been on-line, which the Firefighters have embraced. With respect to the fire on Sunday morning, Chief Thompson reported on the Firefighters excellent work, noting that the fire posed risk, the firefight was very technical, and the firefighters were able to execute and stay safe, supported by McDougall Firefighters, as well as the OPP who evacuated the area, Public Works staff to manage detours, and Waterworks staff who ensured there was sufficient water available.

3.2.2 – In response to Councillor Keith’s inquiries, Director of Public Works Kearns reported that today staff finished work on the Salt Dock boat launch, installing a ramp and anchor system which will be used going forward with a new dock. In addition. Mr. Kearns reported that Public Works is working at re-integrating Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) into the waste management services starting June 10 and working stage by stage for full integration of all waste management services.

3.2.3 – In response to Councillor Backman’s inquiry regarding provision of waste receptacles in park areas, Mr. Kearns reported that similar to the phased-in staging of full services at the Waste Transfer Station, services at parks are being phased in, with general maintenance such as grass cutting and clean-up done first. Without the same complement of students this year, staff are looking at how to achieve a similar level of service to that usually provided.

3.2.4 In response to Councillor Borneman’s inquiry, Mr. Kearns reported that beaches are anticipated to re-open this week, in an unsupervised capacity and with appropriate signage in place.

3.2.5 – In response to Councillor McCann’s inquiry, Mr. Kearns confirmed that electronic waste is not hazardous waste and can deposited at the Waste Transfer Station’s electronic recycling section.

4.1. Lee-Ann Turner. Request to raise the Pride flag during Pride month of June.
Resolution prepared under Other Business for Council’s consideration.

Consent Agenda
8.1 – Support for Mayor McGarvey to sit as Past President on AMO Board of Directors.
Resolution 2020 – 051
WHEREAS the immediate past president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is an ex officio member on the AMO Board of Directors and AMO Executive for its next term; and
WHEREAS Mayor Jamie McGarvey is the President of AMO for the current 2018-2020 term,
Now Therefore be it resolved that Council for the Town of Parry Sound endorses and supports Mayor Jamie McGarvey’s position as Past President on the AMO Board and Executive for the 2020-2022 term.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – COVID-19 Post-Pandemic input for growth and prosperity.
In declaring pecuniary interest, Councillor Backman did not participate in discussion nor vote on this item.
Resolution 2020 – 052
That on behalf of the Council of the Town of Parry Sound, Mayor McGarvey includes the four issues identified in this report in a letter to the President of FONOM for presentation to Minister Greg Rickford’s Advisory Council to assist with their mandate of “getting businesses up and running and people back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic is over”.

9.2.1 – Ontario Regulation 284/09 – Excluded Expenses from the 2020 Budget.
Resolution 2020 – 053
That Council hereby adopts the compliance report for expenses excluded from the 2020 budget outlined in the staff Report and Recommendation “Ontario Regulation 284/09”, attached as Schedule “A”, as a requirement of Ontario Regulation 284/09 passed under the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25.

9.2.2 – Asset Management Plan Progress and Municipal Asset Management Plan Grant Application.
Resolution 2020 – 054
Be it resolved that Council accepts the Asset Management Plan update in accordance with the Town’s Strategic Asset Management Policy and O. Reg. 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015; and
Be it resolved that Council directs staff to begin with the condition assessment protocols with Public Sector Digest at a cost of $16,000 (plus HST) in an effort to expedite the advancement of the asset management plan update to strive for completion by July 1st, 2021; and
Be it resolved that Council directs staff to apply for a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program for Asset Management Program Development in Parry Sound; and
Be it therefore resolved that the Town of Parry Sound commits to conducting the following activities in its proposed project submitted to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program to advance our asset management program:
Risk and Lifecycle Framework Development Levels of Service Framework Development Asset Management Training; and
Be it further resolved that the Town of Parry Sound commits an additional $29,800.00 (plus HST) from its budget toward the costs of this initiative.

9.3.1 – Blue Box Transition Process
Resolution 2020 – 055
WHEREAS reducing the waste we generate and reincorporating valuable resources from our waste stream into new goods can reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) significantly; and
WHEREAS the transition to full producer responsibility for packaging, paper and paper products is critical to reducing waste, improving recycling and driving better economic and environmental processes and outcomes; and
WHEREAS the move to a circular economy is a global movement, and that the transition of Blue Box programs to Full Producer Responsibility would help to expedite this process; and
WHEREAS the Town of Parry Sound is supportive of a timely, seamless and successful transition of BlueBox programs to full financial and operational responsibility by producers of packaging, paper and paper products;
AND WHEREAS the Association of Municipalities of Ontario has requested municipal governments with Blue Box programs provide an indication of the best date to transition our Blue Box program to full producer responsibility.
1. That The Town of Parry Sound confirms its wish to transition its Blue Box program to full producer responsibility effective January 2023.
2. That this decision is based on the following rationale:
a) The current waste collection contract, which includes the collection and processing of blue box material expires December 31, 2020 and has been subject to an annual renewal.
b) The Town of Parry Sound is not currently in a position to execute a long term agreement for Blue Box services in the face of this transition; and
3. That this resolution be forwarded to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

9.5.1 – Support for Mayor McGarvey’s nomination to a seat on OSUM Board of Directors.
Resolution 2020 – 056
That Council for the Town of Parry Sound endorses and supports Mayor Jamie McGarvey’s nomination submission to a seat on the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities (OSUM) Board of Directors for the 2020-2022 term.

9.6.1 – Request to fly Pride flag for month of June, 2020.
Resolution 2020 – 057
That Council for the Town of Parry Sound approves the flying of the PRIDE flag on the Town Hall municipal flag pole for the month of June, 2020.

10.2.1 – Striking tax rates for fiscal year 2020.
By-law 2020 – 7044
Being a bylaw to Strike the Tax Rates for Municipal Purposes for the Year 2020
Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.2.2 – Business Improvement Area (BIA) Levy By-law – Downtown Business Area.
By-law 2020 – 7045
Being a By-law to adopt the estimates of the Board of Management of the Downtown Parry Sound Business Improvement Area and to strike the tax rate thereon for the year 2020.
Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.3.1 – Solar Field Former Landfill – Memorandum of Understanding – 2020.
By-law 2020 – 7047
Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with Bracebridge Generation and Lakeland Holdings Ltd. for the construction of a solar field to offset electrical usage of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Passed, Signed and Sealed.

10.4.1 – Deeming By-law – Wehling – 70 Great North Road.
By-law 2020 – 7046
Being a By-law to Deem Certain Lots in the Town of Parry Sound not to be Part of a Registered Plan of Subdivision (Wehling – 70 Great North Road).
Passed, Signed and Sealed.