I have come across a couple pieces of unconnected information that have me suspecting there is more to Council’s ultimatum regarding face coverings.

I suspect that the Town and the Authorities are not being very transparent in the disclosure of information regarding the community’s current public health risk concerning COVID-19. Rather than be transparent the Town is attempting to address any possible risk with legislation.

This reminds me of what I learned three decades ago when I was responsible for the global strategic direction of a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical segment. On one trip to Japan I was told about the Japanese medical practice of not telling patients and the family when a patient had what they believed was incurable cancer. A quick online search found an article from that time which discusses the approach. Interestingly enough, the majority of patents wanted to be told of their diagnosis.

These Japanese health professionals I imagine did not feel they were being callous or inconsiderate. They were probably trying to be kind and hoping to reduce anxiety and emotional suffering.

I am beginning to suspect that we have a somewhat similar situation in Parry Sound. Why is the Town insisting on a by-law to mandate face coverings in addition to existing social distancing and occupancy limits if we have only had one case of COVID-19 community transmission? Why is there all this concern about how the District Health Unit will only announce positive COVID-19 cases related to residents but not visitors to the District?

Perhaps we are getting the Japanese treatment – you don’t need to know the truth, it would only upset you.

In the absence of transparency I suppose we need to assume the worst.

Mask up regardless of whatever is announced or legislated! I suspect there is a greater public risk than we are being told.

Mata raishū