There is very little in this week’s agenda .  I suggest people review the summarized agenda below and refer to the full agenda at the Town’s website for the complete meeting agenda and any included documentation.

Closed Session
b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees; (2 Taxi License Appeals to refusals by the Issuer of Licenses; Applicants to the Accessibility Advisory Committee)
c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes; (conditions with respect to potential sale of property)

Civic Scholarship Award

4.1 –
Judy Smith, Director Municipal Governance/Clerk, Chatham-Kent. Support for Private Member’s Bill re: Emancipation Day proclamation.

4.2 – Jamie Eckenswiller, Deputy Clerk, Owen Sound. Support for Private Member’s Bill re: Emancipation Day proclamation.

4.3 – Judith Meyntz, Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Whitestone 2. Support for position that DSSABs not appropriate OPP oversight body.

4.4. – Colin & Sally Norman, Salt Dock Road. Concerns regarding safety and noise at Salt Dock as a result of speeding cars.

4.5 – Jacquie Wareham, Online Learning Recruitment Officer, Contact North. Education Opportunities.

4.6 – Lori West, Clerk, Municipality of McDougall. Support for Long-Term Care Home Improvements.

4.7 – Lori West, Clerk, Municipality of McDougall. Request that the Province Expedite ICIP Grant applications.


Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – Comprehensive Review of Zoning By-law – Circulation.

That staff circulate the draft comprehensive Zoning By-law for public and agency review/comment.

9.1.2 – Plans Reviewer and Inspector.
That the Council of the Town of Parry Sound formalize the position of Plans Reviewer and Inspector; and further
That the Organization Chart attached as Schedule A be approved.

9.5.1 – Emancipation Day Proclamation annually for August 1.
Resolution 2020
THAT Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound supports the Private Member’s Bill put forward by Majid Jowhari: M-36 Emancipation Day, to designate August 1st of every year as “Emancipation Day” in Canada; and
THAT this resolution of support be forwarded to Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Scott Aitchison, and all House of Commons representatives.

10.1.1 Appoint Building Inspector (Naythan Nunes).

By-law 2020 – 7064
Being a by-law to appoint Naythan Nunes as a building inspector and revoke other appointments.