Nothing to see here. That is, there are no surprises.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof
1.4.1 – Councillor Horne declared pecuniary interest on EMS items 9.1.1, 9.1.2, and 9.1.3. referring respectively to the EMS budget deficit repayment to the West Parry Sound Health Centre, the 2020 EMS supplementary levy to area municipalities, and the appointment of a member to the EMS Advisory Committee, as his spouse is Chief Operating Officer of the West Parry Sound Health Centre and has direct involvement with the EMS Committee. Councillor Horne did not participate in discussion, nor vote on the items.

Questions of Staff
3.2.1 –
In response to Councillor Keith’s inquiry as to the public’s response to local regulations enacted to deal with COVID-19, Director of Development & Protective Services Dave Thompson reported that people are responding by general adherence to mask regulations; there are some struggles with social distancing and larger groups as people want to get back to normal life; however generally there has been an overall positive response.

4.1 – Seguin Township

Support for request that province fund the West Parry Sound Health Centre based on real residential population of West Parry Sound, its tax base and the large catchment area.

4.2 – Municipality of Magnetawan
Resolution 2020-210 supporting the Town of Parry Sound’s Resolution 2020-068 regarding Municipal Financial Assistance Program.

4.3 – Municipality of Whitestone
Resolution 2020-250 supporting in principle the Muskoka-Parry Sound Riding Cooperative Broadband initiative.

4.4 – CUPE Ontario
20th Annual Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, October 22, 2020.
See item 9.5.1 on the Agenda.

4.5 – Judy Kovacs
Request to install railing on Cascade St hill between CN crossing and William St.
Copied to Director of Public Works.


Mayor & Councillors’ Reports
Deputy Mayor McCann and Councillors reported on meetings attended and matters arising. In Deputy Mayor McCann’s report, he noted that Belvedere Heights Board participating municipalities declined to approve of a resolution to request the province to increase funding to Long-Term Care facilities particularly for funding full-time workers. Such a resolution was on the July 7th, 2020 Council agenda and was postponed for input from Belvedere Heights Board. Deputy Mayor McCann therefore reported that as initiator of this resolution, he would not be bringing it back for Council consideration.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – 2019 Land Ambulance Expenditure Reconciliation
That upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee, Town of Parry Sound Council authorize the payment of $384,657 to the West Parry Sound Health Centre for the budget deficit occurring in the 2019 year, funded from the EMS Surplus Reserve.

9.1.2 – 2020 EMS Budget Deficit.
a) Direction
That the Director of Protective and Development Services prepare the 2021 Land Ambulance Budget recognizing that recent trends in funding challenges will necessitate significant levy increases.
b) Resolution
Recognizing that municipalities can utilize COVID-19 related funding from the Province at their discretion,
Now therefore upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee, a supplementary levy of $450,000.00 be applied in 2020 to municipalities in the Parry Sound District using the traditional funding formula; and further that the summer upstaff shift operate until October 13th, 2020.

9.1.3 – EMS Committee Member Appointment.
That Town of Parry Sound Council accepts the resignation of Kim Dixon and appoints McDougall Councillor Lewis Malott to the Town of Parry Sound EMS Advisory Committee for the remainder of the term of Council.

9.1.4 – Application for Consent – 41, 43 & 45 Winnifred Ave.
That B/31/20 (PS) – (L.U. Maughan on behalf of W.E.H. Developments Limited) – Lots 46-49 of M648 be supported, subject to the following conditions of consent:
1. That the applicant be advised that separate water/sewer services are to be provided to each of the proposed lots; and
2. That the applicant ensures legal access to the secondary units of the proposed lots. A physical and legal, without trespassing, exit serving the secondary units and compliant with the Ontario Building Code shall be provided.

9.2.1 – COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Specialized Equipment – Canada Cultural Spaces Fund.
THAT Council authorizes that application be made to the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, Specialized Equipment program; and,
THAT Clayton Harris be confirmed as the person with signing authority.

9.3.1 – Financial Variance Report for Mid-Year 2020.
That Council hereby receives and accepts the variance report for Mid-Year 2020 (June 30, 2020); and
That Council hereby approves the expenses for Council members for the period from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020; and
That Council approves the transfer of the Federal contribution received related to the Town’s acquisition of Big Sound Marina in the amount of $1,293,240 to a Reserve for the purpose of capital expenditures at Big Sound Marina; and
Further That the Big Sound Marina Floating Breakwater in the 2020 budget be funded from this newly established Big Sound Marina Capital Reserve.

9.4.1 – Single Source – Municipal Vehicle (Sidewalk Maintenance/Plow).
That Council accept the quote tender from Cubex Ltd for a used 2018 MacLean articulating Municipal Vehicle (Sidewalk Maintenance/Plow) in the amount of $152,021.16 including taxes and delivery.

9.4.2 – Parry Sound Drive Culvert Replacement.
That Council accept the quote from Fowler Construction in the amount of $178,917.42 excluding HST, for culvert replacement on Parry Sound Drive; and
That the Mayor & Clerk be authorized to sign required agreements necessary to undertake the work.

9.4.3 – Bobby Orr Community Centre Re-opening.
That the report regarding the September 2020 re-opening plans of the Bobby Orr Community Centre be received for information purposes for the benefit of Council and the Community.

9.5.1 – Rail Safety Week.
Whereas Rail Safety Week is to be held across Canada from September 21 to 27, 2020;
Whereas it is in the public’s interest to raise citizens’ awareness of the dangers of ignoring safety warnings at level crossings and trespassing on rail property to reduce avoidable deaths, injuries and damage caused by incidents involving trains and citizens;
Whereas Operation Lifesaver is a public/private partnership whose aim is to work with the public, rail industry, governments, police services, media and others to raise rail safety awareness;
Whereas CN has requested Town Council adopt this resolution in support of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness, save lives and prevent injuries in communities, including our municipality;
Now Therefore be it Resolved That: the Council of the Town of Parry Sound supports national Rail Safety Week to be held from September 21 to 27, 2020.

9.5.2 – 20th Annual Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day.
Whereas years of research confirms the benefits of high-quality child-care for young children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development and later life outcomes; and
Whereas child-care promotes the well-being of children and responds to the needs of parents and the broader community by supporting quality of life so that citizens can fully participate in and contribute to the economic and social life of their community; and
Whereas trained and knowledgeable Early Childhood Educators and child-care staff are the key to quality in early learning and child-care programs and champions for children;
Therefore Be It Resolved that October 22, 2020 be designated the 20th annual “Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day” in recognition of the education, dedication and commitment of child care workers to children, their families and quality of life of the community.

10.4.1 – Cemetery By-law Amendment; addition of columbarium at Sylvan Acres.
a) Direction
That staff be directed to forward By-law 2000-7066, being the Cemetery Regulations By-law to the Bereavement Authority of Ontario for approval.
b) By-law 2020 – 7066
Being a By-law to establish the maintenance, management, regulation and control of the Hillcrest Cemetery and Sylvan Acres Cemetery and to repeal By-law 2019-6952.
Passed, Signed & Sealed.

10.4.2 Equipment contracts for the SPEEDIER microgrid project with Lakeland Holding.
By-law 2020 – 7067
Being a By-law to authorize the execution of Agreements with Bracebridge Generation Ltd. as part of the SPEEDIER project, to install hot water tank controllers at the Operations Building and Wastewater Treatment Plant; and to install a Tesla Powerwall at the Operations Building.
Passed, Signed & Sealed.