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A very recent article in the North Star (link) covered a discussion at the Sequin Township where one of the councillors, Mr. Daryl Moffat, raised an issue at a recent West Parry Sound District Museum board meeting. Mr. Moffat was unhappy about what he characterized as disrespectful and aggressive behaviour at the meeting by one of the other board members that led him to resign and also suggest that Seguin consider withholding the municipality’s annual contribution to the Museum.

I wish to out myself as the board member who made the comment he found offensive. The comment in question included the expression “bitching and moaning”. Had I realized he found it particularly offensive I would have been happy to apologize. The terms were used to better express my reason for undertaking certain previous activities to mitigate issues that Mr. Moffat had previously expressed concerning operations.

I would have apologized at the time had Mr. Moffat not chosen to abruptly, and without warning, leave the Zoom meeting. I have my thoughts about why he left the meeting abruptly and they don’t concern my use of the aforementioned words. I suspect Mr. Moffat was not happy with the position I was likely to take on an issue that was largely at the heart of the closed board meeting he had requested.

Mr. Moffat, I would like to publicly apologize to you for using the terms “bitching and moaning” during the board meeting. I also apologize for any aggressiveness that you might have felt threatened by.

For clarification purposes, I still hold the same position concerning the issue that was under discussion. It was important for me at the time to ensure that another board member did not mischaracterize my actions and motivations. I clearly should have used a less offensive expression.

It is unfortunate that this has become a public issue but it is perhaps a learning experience for all involved. I hope that Seguin Township will continue to provide its critical financial support to the Museum as well as the important oversight offered by their board representative. The Museum has made important advances over this very difficult year of which Mr. Moffat’s contributions were an important part.