The agenda this week seems to be tidying up a number of outstanding issues. The only item that interested me was the proposal to require paid daily permits for overnight parking at the Champaigne Boat Launch (10.4.3). This by-law also addresses the issue of trailer parking and docking time at the various boat launches and the Town Dock. I am glad that we offer residents and visitors the opportunity to launch their boats and get onto Georgian Bay. Some control is necessary as some folks tend to abuse the privilege. I am not quite sure what By-Law has planned in terms of enforcement.

Abridged Agenda

Closed Session
d) labour relations or employee negotiations, (hiring policy interpretation);
(e) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board, (Contractor work on Town property), (Planning Board decision);
f) advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose, (hiring policy interpretation), (Contractor work on Town property), (Planning Board decision).

Public Meeting
2.1 – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – Z/21-04 – 9 and 11 Church Street (FAD Architects on behalf of Gromov)

Council will hold a public meeting to consider a proposed Zoning By-law amendment under Section 34 of the Planning Act. The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law amendment is to change the zoning of the property from C1 on 11 Church Street and amend the S.P. 26.119(h) on 9 Church Street to permit a mixed-use building with a commercial ground floor and 20 residential spaces.

4.1 – Anne Bossart, Tower Hill Gardeners Coordinator.
Appreciation for work of Recreation Department staff for work at Tower Hill.

4.2 – Margaret Dunnigan, June Carlton, Louise Campbell, Cynthia Hamlin, Anita Chechock.
Individual letters of the same text supporting Council’s position to deny construction of a vehicle bridge over the Fitness Trail.

4.3 – Maryann Weaver, Clerk, Township of the Archipelago.
Support for WPS Area Recreation and Culture Centre.


Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – Flag Policy – Inclusion of Pride Flag, and Amended Half-Masting Protocols.

That the Flag Policy as adopted by Resolution 2020-076 is hereby revoked, and that the Flag Policy attached as Schedule A, which incorporates adoption of the annual flying of the Pride flag, and amended protocols regarding half-masting as a mark of respect and condolence is hereby approved.

9.3.1 – Stormwater drainage easement – 1 Georgian Bay Avenue.

Whereas the Town of Parry Sound has a stormwater conveyance over 1 Georgian Bay; and
Whereas Parry Sound Condominium Corporation No. 6, owner of 1 Georgian Bay Ave. is in favour of granting an easement;
Now therefore the Mayor & Clerk are hereby authorized to sign the transfer documents to register the easement attached as Schedule A.

9.5.1 – Declaration of June 2021 as PTSD Awareness Month.
Whereas, June has been declared as PTSD Awareness Month each year around the world; and
Whereas, for centuries we have recognized post traumatic stress disorder; and
Whereas, PTSD can affect all ages, children through to seniors: and
Whereas, treatment for PTSD is available; and
Whereas, it is up to each of us to know that the PTSD Assessment form is a major tool to seek medical assistance; and
Whereas, PTSD Awareness Month urges all to seek help for those who may have PTSD requiring medical assistance; and
NOW THEREFORE, Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound does hereby proclaim June as PTSD Awareness month in the Town of Parry Sound, and encourages residents to actively learn about the PTSD Assessment form written by the Centre for PTSD Research as a tool to assist those affected by PTSD to obtain medical assistance.

10.2.1 – Debenture issue for Servicing Denis & Macklaim Drive.
By-law 2021 – 7128
A By-law of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound to Authorize the Borrowing Upon Amortizing Debentures in the Principal Amount of $750,424 towards the cost of servicing Macklaim/Denis.

10.4.1 – Amendment to the Sign By-law 2002-4486.
By-law 2021 – 7124
Being a By-law to amend the Sign By-law 2002-4486 regarding Sandwich Board Signs.

10.4.2 – Amendment to Parking and Traffic Control By-law 2019-6912.
By-law 2021 – 7125
Being a By-law to amend the Parking and Traffic Control By-law 2019-6912 regarding Champagne St. Boat launch overnight parking and parking on Salt Dock Road.

10.4.3 – New Public Dock and Boat Launch By-law for the Town of Parry Sound.
By-law 2021 – 7126
Being a By-law to regulate the use of Public Docks, Piers and Boat Launch Ramps and revoke By-law 2010-5470.

10.4.4 – Sound Boat Works License of Occupation.
By-law 2021 – 7127
Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a License of Occupation with Sound Boat Works for the use of the property identified Pt Water Lt C West of Mill St Foley as in PS8343 Except Pt 11, 42R6597 & Pt 4, 42R11471; Parry Sound.

10.4.5 – Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z/21/01 – Kingshott/Crookshank-Hurd.
By-Law 2021 – 7129
Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law), as amended, for 88 and 94 Louisa Street (John Jackson Planner Inc. on behalf of Kingshott/Crookshank- Hurd).