The only thing that caught my eye was the impending approval of a zoning by-law amendment to permit the development of a 36-unit residential property on Tower Hill close to Forest Street. (10.4.1). Also take a look at the items listed in the Closed Session agenda. There isn’t much information, but the items look interesting and will probably surface on the open agenda in the not too distant future.

Council Meeting Agenda (Abridged)

Closed Session
b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees, (Performance Reviews re: Director of Finance; Director of Public Works);
e) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board, (Summons served on Town in response to enforcement of property standards and fire code by-laws)
h) information explicitly supplied in confidence to the municipality or local board by Canada, a province or territory or a Crown agency of any of them, (Parry Sound Area Recreation & Culture Centre update)

4.1 – Alhan Rahimi, 59 Emily Street.

Request that Council advocate & adopt policies that support sustainable home price increases.

4.2 – Yvonne Heaman.
Support for Town’s denial of construction of a vehicle bridge over Fitness Trail.

4.3 – Residents petition to Town of Parry Sound.
Refuse the demand for a bridge over the Fitness Trail and Rabbit Canyon, and that Rabbit Canyon remain open.

5.1 – Andrea McIntyre.

Establishing Fundraising efforts to purchase Rabbit Canyon property for Public Use.

5.2 – Diana Clements, Principal Parry Sound Forest School.
Request for “Children at Play Sign” on Parry Sound Drive.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – Delegation Topics for the 2021 AMO Conference.

That staff be directed to submit a request to delegate with the appropriate Provincial Minister on the following topics:
1. Property tax exemption under Section 3(1)12iii of the Assessment Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A.31, “Relief of the Poor; and
2. Curbing the rising cost of municipal insurance premiums.

9.2.1 – Reserve funds returned from Belvedere to participating area municipalities.
That Council approves the transfer of $ $61,684 received from Belvedere to a Long- Term Care Reserve for the purpose of assisting in offsetting any future levy increases.

9.4.1 – Request to stop-up and close a portion of the Ashwood Drive Road Allowance.

That Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound directs staff to bring a stop- up-and-closure By-law for the Ashwood Drive Road (Themer, 60a Seguin Street) allowance, and further that:
1. The applicant submits a deposit of $5,000 to pay for the costs associated with public advertisement, an appraisal, and legal costs;
2. Assuming arrangements can benegotiated to the Town’s satisfaction, that the survey and transaction ensure that a 7.7 metre-wide strip of land be deeded to 58 Seguin Street, that any historic encroachments from 60 Seguin Street be deeded accordingly, and that the balance of the lands be deeded to 60a Seguin Street; and
3. Any easements for utilities and services be surveyed and registered accordingly.

9.5.1 – Request Approval for Temporary Storage of Asbestos at Airport.

THAT Whereas the Municipality of McDougall in a letter dated March 25, 2021, has authorized Soundseals Insulation to dispose of non-hazardous materials and asbestos material per regulations at the McDougall Landfill Site at 214 McDougall Road; and
Whereas Soundseals Insulation has submitted a request to the Town of Parry Sound and to the Township of Seguin for permission to temporarily store asbestos at their facilities located at the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport, owned jointly by the Town of Parry Sound, and the Township of Seguin; and
Whereas the Town has been advised that storage of said asbestos is anticipated to occur only in cases where Soundseals Insulation has been unable to meet the day-end closure time of the McDougall Landfill Site and that asbestos will remain in vehicles within its closed and locked facility at the Airport for next earliest delivery and disposal at the McDougall Landfill Site , and
Whereas the Municipal Airport Commission is responsible for overseeing the operation the Municipal Airport; and
Whereas the Town has been advised that the Municipal Airport Commission has agreed to this proposal so long as Soundseals operates in accordance with regulations;
Now therefore the Town of Parry Sound, as joint landowner of the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport, hereby agrees to permit Soundseals Insulation to store asbestos in its vehicles and parked within its locked facilities at the Municipal Airport for earliest transport and disposal at the McDougall Landfill Site, upon the following conditions:
That the Township of Seguin provides similar approval;
That Soundseals Insulation abides by all regulations, and all necessary approvals remain in force;
6. That prior to expiry, Soundseals Insulation provides to the Town annually, a copy of its Certificate of Insurance in an amount no less than $5 million, adding the Town of Parry Sound as an additional insured;
7. That the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission as landlord, enters into an amended lease agreement with Soundseals Insulation, naming the Town of Parry Sound and the Township of Seguin as additional insured, the requirement to annually provide a Certificate of Insurance to the land owners and any other amendments the Commission deems appropriate.

9.5.2 – Enforcement of By-laws.

That staff respond to by-law complaints utilizing an enforcement approach consistent with established practice for all complaints without regard for expected future changes to existing bylaws.

9.5.3 – OPP Detachment Board Proposal.
That Whereas the Community Safety and Policing Act, (CSPA), 2019 calls for the end of Community Police Advisory Committees (CPACs) and the creation of Ontario Provincial (OPP) Police Detachment Boards; and
Whereas the Ministry of the Solicitor General has developed an OPP detachment board framework that will allow affected municipalities and First Nations the flexibility to create a board that reflects community and local needs, and
Whereas the Ministry of the Solicitor General has asked municipalities and First Nations within a detachment area to work together to determine the composition of their board and the manner in which they will submit their proposal to the Ministry; and
Whereas members of the existing West Parry Sound District CPAC have indicated interest in establishing a Board representative of CPAC municipalities and First Nations,
Now Therefore Council of the Town of Parry Sound hereby supports submission by the CPAC representative from the Municipality of McDougall to the Province of Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police Detachment Board Proposal substantially in the form attached, representing the 7 West Parry Sound Area municipalities and Henvey Inlet First Nation with the following additional considerations/proposals:
1. That the following be included as administrative resources/infrastructure required to support the establishment of the detachment board:
a) administrative support for taking minutes of meetings, prepare, distribute and publish agendas and meeting notices, prepare draft policy documents, administer expenses, prepare annual reports and cost estimates, and maintain board records;
b) secure place for records, meeting location, electronic requirements;
c) establish funding requirements;
d) personal accident insurance;
e) legal advice;
f) honorariums;
g) ongoing training;
h) travel and meals;
i) advertising; and
j) any other administrative resources/infrastructure common to a Board;
2. That it be clarified with the province, that funding for these resources/infrastructure be through the province as the establishment of detachment boards is an initiative of the province;
3. That in an effort to reduce duplication of effort and training, that the Board be established upon the 2022 Municipal Election;
And Further that this resolution be forwarded to the municipalities within the West Parry Sound District and Henvey Inlet First Nation.

10.2.1 – Striking tax rates for fiscal year 2021.

By-law 2021 – 7131
Being a bylaw to Strike the Tax Rates for Municipal Purposes for the Year 2021.

10.2.2 – Business Improvement Area (BIA) Levy By-law – Downtown Business Area.
By-law 2021 – 7132
Being a By-law to adopt the estimates of the Board of Management of the Downtown Parry Sound Business Improvement Area and to strike the tax rate thereon for the year 2021.

10.3.1 – Provincial Fuel Tax Rebate Agreement.
By-law 2021 – 7134
Being a By-law to authorize an Agreement with Holly Transportation Services Inc. for Provincial Fuel Tax Rebate.

10.3.2 – TOPdesk Information Technology Service Management and Asset Management system procurement through the Ontario Education Collaborative Market Place (OECM).
By-law 2021 – 7135
Being a bylaw to authorize the execution of a Master Agreement, and Customer Supplier Agreement with TOPdesk Canada Inc. for a user support ticket and inventory management software.

10.4.1 – Zoning By-law Amendment – George Street (John Jackson Planner Inc. on behalf of Prasher) – 36 Unit Residential Proposal.
By-Law 2021 – 7133
Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law), as amended, for George Street (John Jackson Planner Inc. on behalf of Prasher).