And there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, figuratively of course, if Council approves 10.2.2 (more below). There already is some wailing and gnashing of teeth, figuratively again, related to 5.3 (more below). And there may be slipping and falling, literally in this case, if 10.1.2 is approved as proposed.

I also wonder why Closed Session Item n) requires a reminder that the report is to be kept confidential by council members. Everything discussed in Closed Session is confidential. The report concerns a water and wastewater supply capacity report that was commissioned in part by my earlier ‘back of the envelope’ analysis that suggested the original forecast was unreliable and ‘mailed in’, figuratively in this case because all reports now are e-mailed. I will be interested in seeing the report when it is released, as it should be.

10.2.2 – New Encroachment By-law for the Town of Parry Sound.
This by-law will require all properties that encroach on Town property to either remove any encroachment or enter into an agreement with the Town to legally ‘use’ the encroached property. This agreement has requirements to carry liability insurance in the range of $2 to 5 million. Check the full agenda package for details through this link (opens as PDF) at the Town’s website.
My guess is that this will apply to as many as several hundred properties. Not only will implementation be an administrative headache – where do you start? What do you do if you don’t get compliance? Yes, there are remedies but these will piss people off. It will be a major political headache.
That doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do. People are using Town property that they never paid for and don’t pay taxes on. But this promises to be much like attempts south of the border to limit, or at least manage, gun ownership. Expect this to be an election issue.

5.3 – Kirby Hall, Subdivision (deputation).
We have a very, very angry developer in town who seemingly feels they are being ‘jerked around’ by Town Staff. There are pages and pages of the correspondence in the meeting agenda package that capture the actions and reactions of the involved parties. The full agenda package can be accessed at the Town’s website through this link (opens as PDF).
The issues involved in my opinion are relatively minor. It seems that some folks could benefit from a course on effective communication. Businesspeople don’t have the time to be ‘jerked around’. They get paid for what they produce not what’s stamped on the timecard.

10.1.2 – Winter Closure of Sidewalks.
It seems that Town Staff are going for a trifecta. This item proposes to no longer provide sidewalk maintenance for a half dozen locations in town. Refer to the full agenda package through this link (opens as PDF) for the list.
It is not an issue for me as I live in the Louisa Street area, and we have no idea what a sidewalk is. But I note that Staff is proposing not to maintain the sidewalk on Avenue Road. This is the sidewalk that goes up the hill and along a tall wall leading to the Festival of the Sound building and the neighbourhood behind. If we are to encourage physical activity and walking to the downtown, how are the folks in this area going to safely walk there? Cars run quickly along this stretch and being on a hill makes stopping a little more difficult. The sidewalk is obviously a major pedestrian route as evidenced by the pedestrian crosswalk installed in the past couple of years. The other choice for pedestrians in this area to get downtown is the passage under the railway tracks. This passage is not maintained at all and is ripe for a slip and fall at the best of times. Is this encouraging folks to cut across the railway tracks?
Other folks will probably have concerns about some of the other sidewalks.

Council Meeting Agenda (Abridged)

Closed Session
d) labour relations or employee negotiations, (Union & Non-Union Benefits coverage);
f) advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose, (Developer Request to provide contracted maintenance on unassumed road)
n) educating or training council members and no member discusses or otherwise deals with any matter in a way that materially advances the business or decision-making of Council, (Results of Completed Water and Wastewater Capacity Study).

4.1 – Near North Crimestoppers.

Request to Proclaim January, as Crime Stoppers Month

4.2 – Parry Sound Public Library.
2022 Budget Request.

4.3 – Parry Sound Seniors Club 1269.
2022 Budget Request

4.4 – Sound Youth Counselling.
Invitation to Open House at The Drop, Saturday, December 11, 1-3 PM 2.

5.1 – Georgian Bay Biosphere.

2021 Highlights.

5.2 – Rotary Club of Parry Sound.
2nd Annual Rotary 3-Pitch Strikes Against Cancer.

5.3 – Kirby Hall.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.3.1 – Compensation Review, Non-Union Staff.
Direction for Staff Follow-up

THAT Council directs staff to move forward with the Non-Union Compensation Market Review.

9.4.1 – Financial Variance Report for Third Quarter of 2021.
2021 That Council hereby receives and accepts the variance report for the Third Quarter of 2021 (September 30, 2021); and
That Council hereby approves the expenses for Council members for the period from January 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021.

9.4.2 – Insurance Renewal Update.
Awaiting Insurance information; Report and Recommendation to be forwarded prior to the Meeting.

9.5.1 – Crimestoppers Month.
WHEREAS Crime Stoppers, an internationally recognized program, is a partnership of the public, the police and the media providing citizens with a proactive program to anonymously assist our police partners in the solving of crime, contributing to an improved quality of life in our communities;
AND WHEREAS since inception, anonymous calls to Near North Crime Stoppers have assisted the Police and other investigative agencies in making 1,716 arrests, recovering stolen property valued at over $4 million and seizing almost $52 million in illegal drugs;
NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound hereby authorizes the declaration of the month of January 2022 as Crime Stoppers Month in the Town of Parry Sound.

9.5.2 – Letter of Support for Park 2 Park Trail Association Grant Application.

That in response to Park 2 Park Trail Association’s request, Council of the Town of Parry Sound does hereby authorize the drafting of a letter of support for Park to Park Trail Association’s Trillium Resilient Communities Fund grant application.

10.1.1 – Trillium Funding Partnership Agreement Resilient Communities Fund: Parry Sound Public Library.
By-law 2021 – 7200

Being a By-Law to authorize the execution of an Ontario Trillium Fund Partnership Agreement with the Parry Sound Public Library for the submission of a Trillium Grant application.
Direction (For Direct Staff Follow-up)
That Council direct staff to prepare an agreement to facilitate third party grant assistance, specifically with the Parry Sound Public Library for the submission of an Ontario Trillium funding application.

10.1.2 – Winter Closure of Sidewalks.
By-law 2021 – 7202

Being a by-law to authorize seasonal closure of specified sidewalks, being part of a highway under O. Reg 239/02, Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways.

10.2.1 – Presbyterian Parking Lot Lease.
By-law 2021 – 7199

Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a lease agreement with the Presbyterian Church for use of the property identified as PLAN 2 LOT 1 in the Town of Parry Sound.

10.2.2 – New Encroachment By-law for the Town of Parry Sound.
By-law 2021 – 7201

Being a By-law to address encroachment in the Town of Parry Sound.

10.4.1 – 2022 Interim Tax Levy.
By-law 2021 – 7204

Being a By-Law to provide for an interim tax levy, for the payment of taxes, and for penalty and interest at 1 1/4 percent per month for the 2022 taxation year.

10.4.2 – Approval of Transfer Payment Agreement – Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) Grant; Preparation of the Final Asset Management Plan for Core Infrastructure; and Application for Asset Management Planning Coordinator NOHFC Internship Program.
By-law 2021 – 7203
Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities regarding funding under the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP).