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I have been receiving repeated calls that my SIN has been compromised and that actions will taken, blah, blah, blah. I have tried a few approaches that have been moderately effective at engaging them and wasting their time and hopefully chipping away at their self worth. (This is more fun than social media, at least for me.)

Today I received a call and pressed 1-1 and ended up with a live person. I immediately asked, in French, if we could speak in French. If it was a legitimate call they would be able to provide service in both languages. They asked to speak in English and I repeated, in French, that I wanted to speak in French. They paused for a second which allowed me to insult them at the top of my voice in English. That was followed by a click.

Be careful, and have a little bit of fun. I have in the past taken the lead on these calls and done a little bit of proselytizing, that’s good for a few seconds before I get the click. I think I’ll stick with the French approach. They aren’t ready for it, at least not yet.

How rude of them to hang up on me!