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Full disclosure … this is not Jo Bossart.  Those of you who have followed this blog are probably already aware of his death last May .  I’m his wife Anne; better known locally as the leader of the Tower Hill Gardeners and a member of the Waterfront Advisory Committee.  I have been attending Council meetings this past fall/winter, have been surprised by how few members of the public attend and so I have been toying with the idea of picking up where he left off.

What do you say?  Are you interested in hearing from me?  I see the world through different eyes than Jo did and I’m more about information than analysis.  The local media offer a snapshot of some of the issues coming before Council, but they must be watching from home, as they are not in the audience.

The next few years will be dominated by development along our Waterfront as the brownfields left from our industrial past are purchased, remediated and developed for a variety of uses, infill development and of course, the long awaited pool complex. Last night there were two public meetings relating to this topic.  One a proposed zoning change for property alongside the CN tracks behind the residential properties on River Street and one for permission to sever the former Imperial Oil property into two parcels to be developed independently. It’s actually happening folks, after all these years.  People who have taken the unused land for granted may not be pleased, but there is plenty of opportunity for the public to provide input in the process.  The Town is updating the Official Plan this year, following the acceptance of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master plan early in 2023. An updated Waterfront Master plan is next.  These plans, along with the current Strategic Plan can all be found on the Town’s website.

You can count on me to let you know about these goings on, but I do not have access to, nor would I ever share information that is not in the public domain.